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DJ Svoger – Sound of Sundays VIII

SOS VIIIBefore this lovely weekend ends, we proudly present the eighth edition in our chilled mixtape collection – “The Sound of Sundays”.

If you are a newbie to “The Sound of Sundays”, the concept is pretty simple – the basic idea is that we carefully select one hour of great tracks to create a relaxed atmosphere, with rare beats, nice vocals or mellow melodies.

Compared to the other DJ Svoger Mixtapes, “The Sound of Sundays” is not on a mission to get you on the dance floor, but to make you chill, kick back and enjoy.

This time around we have selected some of the best contemporary American R’n’B artists, spiced them up with some hard-to-find remixes and secret bootlegs. All this cool material is melted carefully together, to give you a wonderful flow that hopefully matches your relaxed surroundings…

Due to the respect of copyright, this mixtape can not be downloaded and due to new criteria on Soundcloud, this will only be available on Mixcloud. DJ Svoger loves and supports artists, and if anybody is feeling violated, please let us know and we will react immediately.


DJ Svoger - The Sound of Sundays VIII by Dj Svoger on Mixcloud

Track ID on Mixcloud…

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Track ID; July 2014

1. Go Deep - Jax Jones
2. Hot Hands - Darius
3. Windwhisper (Lemarquis Remix) - Signatvre
4. Colourblind (Original Mix) - Les Loups ft. Cybil
5. Embrace (Glen Check Remix) - Goldroom
6. Curtains (Embody Remix) - Last Lynx
7. 7 Days in the Sun (Bit Funk Remix) - Nameless
8. Love too deep (radio edit) - Ferreck Dawn & Redondo
9. The Knife (Linier Remix) - Kyla La Grange
10. Living Without You (MK Letting Go Remix) - Monarchy
11. Love taking over - Dusky
12. Everybody Together (Original Mix) - Nicky Night Time
13. Feel Your Love - Le Youth feat. Javeon

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