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DJ Svoger – The Friday Track, Week 51

STTrack of this week is a straight forward funky remix from JNL of Soft Touch’s “Only Lover”, in a Monogamix… classy bassline, great vocal = DJ Svoger sound – enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!;

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Track ID; December 2014


1. Dabeull 'Give Me Your Heart' feat. Michael Tee
2. Rayko 'Boardway' (Bee Gees Reworked) DJ Svoger Edit
3. Jill Scott 'Golden' (Royce Remix)
4. Tobtok 'Savanna' feat. River
5. LeSale 'Lesexe'
6. Young Franco 'Close 2 U' (Luke Million Remix) feat. Joy
7. Zhu 'Gun'
8. Keljet 'Together' (Epatage Soul Remix) feat. Avan Lava
9. Huxley 'Say My Name' feat. Yasmin
10. Moon Boots 'There's No Love'
11. Pat Lok 'Could Be Mine' feat. Patrick Baker (Wantigga Remix)
12. Julio Bashmore & J'Danna 'Rhythm of Auld'
13. Maceo Plex, Joi Cardwell & Jon Dasilva 'Love Somebody Else'
14. Joeski & Harry Romero 'Get It Right' feat. Shawnee Taylor (Club Mix)
15. Shadow Child & Doorly 'Climbin' (Piano Weapon) (Nicky Night Time Remix)


1. Dabeull 'TR 707' feat. Holybrune
2. LeBron 'Easy Love'
3. Figgy 'You Were Mine' (Daniel T Remix)
4. Yomakomba 'Girl From Calabria' (Cajoline Remix)
5. Ben Macklin 'Dare' (Le Flex Remix)
6. Gossip Culture 'Waiting' (One Five Remix) feat. Quincy McCrary
7. Chordashian 'Black Eye' (LeSale Remix)
8. Morrt 'The Night'
9. Box of Wolves 'Let's Start Again' (Aimes Remix)
10. Majid Jordan 'Her' (Payton Long Fixer-Upper)
11. Joy 'Captured' (Islnd Remix)
12. Jessie Ware 'Say You Love Me' (Alexander Adair Remix)
13. Médéric & Le Croquant 'LWND'
14. Higher Self 'Ghost' feat. Lauren Mason
15. Squarehead 'Elegante'

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