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DJ Svoger – The October 2014 Mixtape

OctoberThis is a very rare mixtape with the very best tracks available right now – which btw happens to fit insanely well together.

We start out slowly with a new track from good old Cajoline with this classy tropical track ‘Feelin’, followed by the great Darius and the hit remix of Bondax’ ‘All I See’. Next is some sweet delights from Body Language, Basic Tape, Route 94 and Second City and then you’ll be spoiled with Redlight’s ‘Cure Me’, Paul Richmond huge track ‘Commitment’ and the Deepnite’s remix of ‘Anymore’ from Tom Ferry.

Halfway is the heat turned up by Janelle Monáe’s ‘What Is Love’ in a great Poupon remix and then it’s time for the first Danish track on a DJ Svoger mixtape ever, with the Kollaber8’s remix of homegirl Mø’s ‘The Sea’, with the very New Order’ish kind of groove. Huge thanks to Kollaber8 for exclusively sharing this great and unreleased remix with us. Then the party has started and we ask you to join us on the dancefloor with Carl Hanaghan, Shadow Child, Eli & Fur, Lisa Shaw and the talented Aashton, just to finish in style with a modern classic, Oliver $ & Jimi Jules’ ‘Pushing On’, but in the pretty cool ‘Tchami Remix’.

So there you go… and please remember to follow us on Soundcloud, Tumblr or Facebook and share our work with your friends, if you fancy what you are about to hear. Ready, set, let’s go;

Track ID;

  1. Cajoline – ‘Feelin’
  2. Bondax – ‘All I See’ (Darius Remix)
  3. Body Language – ‘Good Things’
  4. Basic Tape – ‘Sunny Spell’
  5. Route 94 & Secondcity – ‘Freak’
  6. Redlight – ‘Cure Me’ feat. Lolo
  7. Paul Richmond – ‘Commitment’
  8. Tom Ferry – ‘Anymore (Deepnite Remix) feat. Freya
  9. Janelle Monáe – ‘What Is Love’ (Poupon Remix)
  10. Mø – ‘The Sea’ (Kollaber8 Remix)
  11. Carl Hanaghan – ‘Illuminate Me’ feat. Beth
  12. Shadow Child and Eli & Fur – ‘Seeing Is Believing’ (Davidian Remix)
  13. Lovebirds – ‘Holdin On’ (The Shapeshifters Stripped Remix) feat. Lisa Shaw
  14. Aashton – ‘I Can’t Shake It’
  15. Oliver $ & Jimi Jules – ‘Pushing On’ (Tchami Remix)

More great selected mixtapes...


Track ID; September 2014

1. Poom (moi je remix) - Les Voiles
2. Sur Chic (DWYR Remix) - Colour Vision
3. Little White Lies (Moon Boots Remix) - Florrie
4. Thinking About It (Extended Mix) - Just Kiddin
5. LANY - ILYSB (Ferdinand Weber Remix)
6. Over (Keljet Remix) - Matvey Emerson
7. True (Original Mix) - Nora En Pure
8. Joy & Pain - Pallace
9. SBTRKT ft Ezra Koenig - New Dorp New York ( BELARBI remix )
10. No Fun (RÜFÜS Remix) - The Presets
11. Do Without (The Dealer Remix) - Jason Burns
12. Special feat. Maxine Ashley – BILLON
13. Protect (feat. Antony & Cleopatra) - Beni

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