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DJ Svoger – The Friday Track – Week 48

This week we bring to you a Friday Track from the Parisian electronic group Two Moons. As the title “Funky Girl” implies, this is DJ Svoger style, where the french electronic heritage is unmistakable. Opening with a scanning of radio stations, only to settle on funky flute, drum and bass… We like it! This track will make many fridays enjoyable. And hopefully yours too … Have a great one!

The Late Movember Playlist…

Well, It’s probably not yours truly who invents the cure for cancer, but if we can support the Movember movement in any way – with an unshaven playlist – then it’s definitely worth a try.

So this is to all you unshaven moustaches out there – hang in for just another week – enjoy this DJ Svoger top ten selection… and get those beards start dancing;

There you go… and by the way, if you like our handmade selection of music – please tell your friends and do not hesitate to like us on

DJ Svoger – The Friday Track – Week 47

Track of the week is hardly breaking news to the big city aficionados – but it’s such a great track and the perfect kickstarter for a perfect weekend… please enjoy Niki and the Doves’s “Mother Protect” and please pay attention to the awesome Goldroom Remix!

The Loooove Mixtape

Call us romantics, call us suckers to love, call us amorous … It’s all true! And that is why yours truly – and by popular demand – has compiled the Loooove Mixtape to spice up your late nights at home with your loved ones or loved ones to-be. The Loooove Mixtape features an exclusive by Sadefiri from DJ Svogers hometown, it features love-diva Sade (unavoidable) remixed by DJ Svoger darling Finnebassen and Hansebassen, and it features Jessie Ware’s Night Light in the smooth Perseus remix… and of course plenty of other wonderfully evocative love tracks … We hope you enjoy it and let us know if it works!

Stream DJ Svogers Loooove-tape here:

DJ Svoger – The Friday Track – Week 46

Our track of the week features a recent, yet well known acquaintance of DJ Svoger & Friends. Our November Mixtape includes the Only Children track “Down Fever”. This week, Only Children have remixed this gem of a disco house-piano track “Critical Captions” by The Hood Internet feat. Class Actress on vocals. What a track!  Please note the free DL.

Chordashian “Call me” (Bronx remix)

This is exactly what we need for at mid-week pick-me-up dance track:

It is brought to us fresh by the Brooklyn based Nu Disco act & duo Chordashain. We have previously featured the duo in one of DJ Svogers mixtapes, but here we bring you the new single “Call me” solo and in a dancefloor friendly disco version, remixed by rising mexican producer “Bronx”. Give it a listen and feel your spirits rise.

A DJ Svoger Saturday Night Warm Up…

These ten tracks is to all our great friends, who pushed “Like” on – it’s very much appreciated!

A wonderful saturday to all of you…

DJ Svoger – The Friday Track – Week 45

Finally friday to all of us – and it’s time to kick back and once again enjoy DJ Svoger’s Track of the Week.

It’s been a couple of weeks now, since the new Calvin Harris album “18 Months” was released and this track “Thinking About You” feat. Ayah Marah just keeps on growing and growing, so the future will probably prove us right – this track is definitely the best house track of this massive album… but for now, it’s DJ Svoger’s Track of Week.


DJ Svoger – The Friday Track – Week 44

Big mistake – last friday we only posted our Friday Track on our Facebook page, which we sincerely regret. But nobody cheats or puts the friends of DJ Svoger in the corner… so please, a little late, enjoy Rob Made and “The Way I See” right here on…

Election Night

Finally it is election night – also here on DJ Svoger!

We could find no more suitable track than Kanye West & Jay Z’s “Made in America” – here in a lyrics on screen version, to stimulate some singing along …

May the right man win! Hope!!