DJ Svoger has decided to explore new ground…

DJ Svoger was launched this spring, based on a shared passion for house and dance music. It has been nine great months and here, close to 200 Facebook friends later, we have decided to take the collaboration to the next level.

From now on, we will communicate our posts and tracks to a larger audience. Today our Blog traffic comes from all over the world, so to increase the dialogue and relevance, from now on we will communicate in English, with a Scandinavian twist. Please forgive us, that our past activities will remain in Danish.

We continue to publish a monthly Mixtape, including ten carefully selected house tracks and we will still spice up your Fridays, with a “track of the week”. On top of that, we’ve had a lot of fun making our own edits of already great tracks, which we will try to do even more and even better.

In addition, the section of our blog “DJ Svoger’s Workshop”, will from now on be activated even more, resulting in  more frequent posts on the front page of the Blog. Here it will be much easier to find and enjoy.

In this way, we sincerely hope that our love for house music, can be shared with even more great people from around the world.

DJ Svoger is all about having a good time, in the search of the perfect soundtrack to your everyday groove – feel free to join the party and spread the word.

Thank you for your support!


DJ Svoger


2 thoughts on “DJ Svoger has decided to explore new ground…

  1. Jeg fornemmer en stærk interesse for et Love mix 🙂

    Posted by Ulrik Mark Lassen | 1. November 2012, 19:44

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