Chill Out, Mix

The Loooove Mixtape

Call us romantics, call us suckers to love, call us amorous … It’s all true! And that is why yours truly – and by popular demand – has compiled the Loooove Mixtape to spice up your late nights at home with your loved ones or loved ones to-be. The Loooove Mixtape features an exclusive by Sadefiri from DJ Svogers hometown, it features love-diva Sade (unavoidable) remixed by DJ Svoger darling Finnebassen and Hansebassen, and it features Jessie Ware’s Night Light in the smooth Perseus remix… and of course plenty of other wonderfully evocative love tracks … We hope you enjoy it and let us know if it works!

Stream DJ Svogers Loooove-tape here:


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