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DJ Svogers New Years Present – The January 2013 Mixtape


The first Mixtape of the new year … But what a ride you are in for. DJ Svoger stands divided, but fractions mean that this is some of our best work yet. Agree? Please rate the tape! Nevertheless this one includes MONSTER tracks from The Mekanism’s smooth Michael McDonald inspired track “Warren Wasn’t kidding” to Duke Dumont (in a funky DJ Svoger re-work edition), Edwin van Cleef (bomb!), Ejeca and – for those of us who were around in the early 80’s – masterful rework of “Rumors” by Sharam Jey. We hope you will enjoy this as much as we do and will share it with everyone you know.

STREAM this months Mixtape here (including full track-list):

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DJ Svoger The Friday Track – Week 52


The last friday track of the year is brought to you all the way from down under, by Australian producer Mic Newman, giving us the original mix of his track “Knickerbocker”. What can we wish for more than a soulful deep-house track to end this fabulous year. Happy new year!

By the way … look of our for our January Mixtape. Out soon …

DJ Svogers Top Tracks of 2012


Year-end is the time for evaluation. And what a great year we have had here at DJ Svoger. Since launching our project in March it has been an incredibly productive year with so much great music to be shared with friends and followers.

At this time of year it is good to be generous, and therefore we have put together not one, but two mixtapes for you: One with our 10 favorite downbeat tracks of the year (100 – 118 bpm) and one with our 10 favorite upbeat tracks of the year (120 – 128 bpm). Two perfect selections for your New Years Eve …

Play this before midnight:

Play this after midnight:

DJ Svoger – The Friday Track – Week 51


This is really a no-brainer… a awesome beat, great vocals and some excellent “that ring a bell” sampling – spreading Something for the People’s old classic “My love is the shhh” after 3 min. Mat.Joe’s “Heart to Find” is just perfect for a late christmas eve party, celebrating whoever you believe in and whereever you are… a wonderful weekend to you all!!

DJ Svoger – The Friday Track – Week 50


This week we are not lookng afar to find our friday inspiration. We have zoomed in on good Swedish neighbours “The Drop Out Orchestra” and their track “Your Girl” feat. Kinema, currently charting on Beatport. A genuinely happy and upbeat track, just perfect for setting the friday tone. Enjoy it and enjoy your weekend!

DJ Svoger’s Silent Mixtape – Out Loud

Be not fooled by the title of this Mixtape! If you know DJ Svoger, you know that you are in for some serious dance music. This time, however, with less focus on vocals and more focus on beat and bass. Hence the silence … If you are looking for something slow and moody, check our yours truly’s recent Loooove mix. This little gem is not at all romantic, but intended to move your feet in stead. Indeed adequate for a late saturday night …

DJ Svoger – The Friday Track – Week 49

Waze-OdysseyIIIt’s the friday of many christmas parties here in Copenhagen and we’re in the middle of it all. This friday DJ Svoger joins the party with Detroits Waze & Odyssey’s “Love Attack”. A dark funky beat with a steady piano play, nostalgic Electronica grooves and timeless vocals. A class act for a classic season…

A wonderful weekend to you all!!

DJ Svoger December Mixtape

carbon winter wallpaper titolo digilove

While entering the last month of the year, DJ Svoger feels compelled to give you an extra treat of good dance music. And that is exactly what we deliver in this months mixtape (in our own humble opinion). In total 11 danceable tracks that in just under an hour we will get you out of your lounge sofa and onto the living room floor, with help from artist such as Robin Thicke, Trav & Volta, Mr. Jools, Toyboy & Robin and Ben Mono (track remixed by DJ Svoger favorite Bit Funk) and many more. Enjoy it to the full and get the most out of the last of 2012. As always we deliver this months mixtape filled with love to music and to all of our old and new friends that we hope will listen to our work and share it with everyone they know.

STREAM this months Mixtape here:

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Listen to the list track by track here: