DJ Svoger – The Friday Track – Week 3

mos26_02_11-43%20-%20mark%20knight_1290_blogImage_jpg_lIt’s been a fantastic week here at DJ Svoger… more than 1000 new Likes and a lot of new friends. In the meantime we have worked hard all week – first to give you the “8000 Likes Mixtape”, while we are working on The February Mixtape Selection and a “secret” treat, when we hopefully soon will pass the magical 10.000 Likes on Facebook. So this week have really been packed with so much new music and many great tracks, that picking “The Friday Track” should be easy, right… but it was just the opposite.

We have chosen “Thinking”, a catchy house track first to be released on 28th January, from the Leeds based band; Submotion Orchestra – and remixed by no less, than the funky Mark Knight, who had great succes in 2012 with a remix of Florence and the Machine’s “You Got The Love”. “Thinking” is the first Mark Knight thing of 2013 and it have that funky friday vibe to it and we hope that you’ll agree…

Play hard and party loud!!!


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