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April 2013 Mixtape “Sense of Spring”

lucesThis month we had so much great and funky music to choose from, when the final tracks were selected for our April Mixtape, that we decided to not give you the usual one hour mixtape of great dance music – but two.

One hour to get you in the groove with a part I, the “Warm Up” selection and once you are there, to keep you going, with the part II – the “Upbeat” selection.

It’s been great fun creating these mixtapes to the friends and followers of DJ Svoger – and now that we had double the music, we hope that you guys can have twice the fun.

Enjoy April, enjoy the music and get ready for that wonderful sense of Spring – it’s coming soon to a lovely place near you!

Online streaming of the part I “Warm Up” Mixtape here (including full track-list):

Free download of the “Warm Up” Mixtape here:

Online streaming of the part II “Upbeat” Mixtape here (including full track-list):

Free download of the “Upbeat” Mixtape here:

DJ Svoger – The Friday Track – Week 13


The Friday Track this week is nothing less than a tropical Easter egg – to you from DJ Svoger…

We have created a two hour mixtape who will bring you closer to tropical islands, by selecting some of the finest tracks we have come across in the past year – just to pass this musical Easter egg on to you wonderful people who supports us and share the love of great dance music – just press play or download…

Happy Easter

DJ Svoger – The Friday Track – Week 12

BixelPiano-e1317652342628You might have heard this tune before, but this great remix of MJ’s P.Y.T. is so funky it just had to become our Track of the Week… thanks to the Bixel Boys and a wonderful weekend to you all!

DJ Svoger – The Friday Track – Week 11


At DJ Svoger we looove Duke Dumont. He gave us a big track with Need U (100%), recently featured in our January mixtape ( and on our Facebook page linking to the video following the single release. It seems that Duke Dumont (aka Adam Dyment) can do no wrong these days, which is certainly also the case with his remix of L.A.’s synth-pop trio HAIM latest single “Falling”. Get ready for a goosebump experience …

Enjoy friday!

Happy Birthday Svoger!

Today it is half of the DJ Svoger teams birthday. Congratulations Lars!

We celebrate it with a track from way back, and I’m sure it brings back a memory or two …

You’re the best!

DJ Svoger – The Friday Track – Week 10

75e8c982cd4f2cf22721fc0d9cfThis track will probably never be a massive hit, which is a bit strange and quite a shame, because it’s hard not to fall in love with Everything But The Girl’s “Driving”. This track has been on heavy rotation in the past week and just kept on growing and growing, in this great Pete Oak remake… so The Friday Track this week was not hard to pick… here’s Everything But The Girl; “Driving”… with a free download.

DJ Svoger’s first birthday – one year today!

imagesIt’s a lovely day here at DJ Svoger … because we are celebrating our first birthday, with clear blue skies all around. A year passes quickly and here 13,300 Facebook Likes and many mixtapes later, we can make the rare body move and look back over our shoulders and recall an incredible year. So many highlights and so much wonderful music. It has been a party and we hope that you have enjoyed the ride and that you’ll hang around for another year….

This should be celebrated with a solid hit and nothing could be more appropriate than Jonas Rathmans “Bringing you down” … we have danced so much to Jonas Rathman’s “Since I don’t have you” in the past year and Jonas Rathman’s brand new track is just the perfect birthday track for DJ Svoger – with a free download as a gift… turn the volume up, get out there and come dance with us – it is after all our birthday:-)

Congratulations to you, to DJ Svoger and to the music – that we all love and share ..