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DJ Svoger – The June 2013 Mixtape

SommersolAccording to the calender the summer is officially landed… but in the northern part of Europe we’ll probably have to wait yet another month to finally declare that summer is here. So this June Mixtape is only our pre summer edition with high hopes of a wonderful warm summer soon to come.

If you live in another part of the world, where the heat already is turned on – then we will humbly hope that this groovy mixtape contribution can be one of the soundtracks for your many summer escapades.

But no matter where we all are on the globe – let’s welcome the summer with open minds, funky music, wonderful friends, lots of love and sweaty dance till the break of dawn…

Love, Svoger

Online streaming of this months Mixtape right here (including full track-list):

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Individual tracks of this months Mixtape here:

The DJ Svoger Friday Track, Week 22

feelmusic.cc271OK Guys. Here is a gem of soulful house on this particular friday, officially the last day before summer. It is delivered to you by yours truly, but produced by the long-time collaboration of Julius Papp and Lisa Shaw. Deep bubbling house combined with airy and sexy vocals. Enjoy friday to the full.

DJ Svoger, The Friday Track, Week 21

Miguel-How-Many-Drinks-450x267This week DJ Svoger spent some time in New York City and as you all know, when you travel you sometimes pick up a tune or chorus that just keeps playing in your head. New York is full of great music and there is so many tracks playing all the time, so when we had to choose The Friday Track this week, it’s was obivious to pick that song, that just had kept on playing on the inside. So to New York and all the wonderful friends of DJ Svoger… Miguel and Kendrick Lamar – take it away;

DJ Svoger, The Friday Track – Week 20

akabu IIThis freshly released track from Akabu “Everybody wants something” features tasty soul croons of house-vocalist Alex Mills (who some of you might recognize from Miguel Campbell’s ‘Something Special’). The featured remix is by Joey Negro – the “Strip Mix” – which is unmistakably feel-good-house with a driving bassline and great production quality. The Svoger is convinced. May this track light up your friday night! Love …

The “Sound of Sundays” – Volume II

IIWelcome to another fresh edition of our Sound of Sundays vol II, where DJ Svoger once again celebrates the beauty of Sundays, with an hour of mellow electronic music, that hopefully will serve you well as a soundtrack for a day full of peace, relaxation and love …

Track ID;

JJ “Still”
Wild Belle “Its Too Late” (Employee Of The Year Remix)
FTSE “Float” feat. Kenzie May
Jetlag “Technicolorheart”
Cocorosie “Gravedigress” (FlicFlac Edit)
Polica “Wandering Star (Tropics Remix)
Parra for Cuva and Mr. Gramo (Swept Away) feat. Anna Naklab
Syron “Here” (Blase Boys Club Remix)
Bonobo “Know You”
Mariah Carey “Touch My Body” (Cyril Hahn Remix)
Ifan Dafydd “Celwydd” feat. Alys Williams
Inkarv “If I”
Drake “Crew Love” (Shlohmo Remix) feat. The Weeknd
Saycet “Opal” (Anoraak Remix)

DJ Svoger The Friday Track, Week 19

FCL-AKA-Red-D--San-Soda-008The Belgian house duo FCL’s (AKA Red D and San Soda) rework of Chicagoan duo ESP’s classic 1986 house track ‘It’s You’ has taken the underground clubbing world by storm, since the FCL guys first released it last summer on their own label. With it’s phenomenally uplifting, infectious vocals and the great framework, it’s easy to see why the original and it’s remix are set to become anthem of Ibiza’s 2013 season.

The DJ Svoger “Track of the week” is the brand new remix of “It’s You” from US house veteran MK who strikes a perfect balance between a subtly driving, bouncing bassline and the original’s soulful vocal loop, with just the right amount of energy to set off any peak time dance floor. The ultimate party piece for the summer ahead and beyond… starting right here, right now – party on!

Hot new Moon Boots – “Love Strong”

More info on this great track, as soon as it’s released.

DJ Svoger, The Friday Track – Week 18


The sun is shining wherever this track is played. House bass, up-tempo beats, piano … What’s not to like? This weeks friday selection from yours truly is delivered by Omar S. with his track “The shit baby”. and this truly is the shit! May you play it out loud all night long. Love from the Svoger.

DJ Svoger – The May 2013 Mixtape

tropical-desire_032flat-edit IIWe present to you: This months Mixtape. Be prepared for a ride with plenty of tropical beats, oil drums and sunshine, well prepared with plenty of bass and love … DJ Svoger has put together a little dish that will truly energize you. This one includes some great tracks and a few DJ Svoger edits and tweaks: We have Bronx back, Satin Jackets and Le Youth on remix and the latest Russ Chimes bomb. We hope you will enjoy this as much as we do and will share it with everyone you know.

ONLINE STREAMING of this months Mixtape here (including full track-list):

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