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DJ Svoger – The August 2013 Mixtape

Caf+Del+Mar+CafedelMarSunset18The mixtape for August is dedicated to those beautiful Ibiza sunsets, where the sun leaves the horizon with a round of applause, from those who gratefully through the day have enjoyed the heat, the light and the bright reflections of the sun. This is where the evening slowly begins, darkness falls and tension rises.

It’s with this special moment in mind we created The August Mixtape – because when the sun is going down, the volume and the beats per minute have to go up. We give you one hour of great selected electronic dance music, DJ Svoger style – that hopefully will work to get you well off into the night.

This month you have to pay special attention to the tracks from Afrojack, ColeCo, DrDr and Figgy… great stuff that deserves to be enjoyed really loud with friends.

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Individual tracks of this months Mixtape here:

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Sound of Sundays, vol. IV has arrived!

DistinoIt has been a great summer for DJ Svoger – we have collected loads of new great music, creating new plans for our future and enjoyed the clublife in Ibiza. But now we are back and we start with our Volume 4 of “The Sound of Sundays” mixtapes. This time we go back to the roots and the original idea, to keep it below 120 bpm, to hit the atmosphere as sunsets, days at the pool or drinks on the Balearic terrace can produce. We added some of the more classy, but reworked material into this edition, so you might discover that it’s slightly different than the previous releases – and as always, we hope you like it, download it and share it with all your friends…

Track ID

Alunageorge – “You Know You Like It” (DJ Snake Remix)
James Blake – “Retrograde” (Finn Pilly Edit)
Stwo – “You”, feat. Sanna Hartfield
The Commodores – “Nightshift” (Finnebassen Remix)
Sade – “Pull Us Apart” (LNTG Rework)
The Crusaders – “Street Life” (Moog & Scratch Edit)
Michael Jackson – “Rock With You” (The Reflex Revision)
Den Ishu & Noah – “Ride The Boogie”
Monsoon Season – “Green On Blue” (Moon Boots Remix), feat. Mis Bee
Amerie – “Why Don’t We Fall In Love” (Kaytranada Edition)
Adesse – “Baayi”
Kidnap Kid – “Thin Lines”, feat. Lotti
Figgy – “Tell Me”
Flight Facilities – “I Didn’t Believe” (Lou Teti Remix)

The DJ Svoger Friday Track, Week 27

timthumbIt’s the great Roskilde Festival weekend in Denmark and last night DJ Svoger were at the Disclosure concert, which was a amazing party… this evening the party continues in Roskilde with sunshinegirl Rihanna among many others. So although it would be obivious this week to select a Disclosure or Rihanna track, we have opted out of this – as it will not bring any new value to the funky friends of DJ Svoger and we feel a special obligation to bring you some fresh and smoking house tunes instead. One of the most crisp track this week comes from DrDr and their “Addicted” in the awesome Polkadot Remix… give it a good spin, collect the free download and have a paradise of a party weekend!

By the way – you miss some new stuff from Rihanna, check out the Leo Kaylan remix of “Pour it up” on Soundcould – classy stuff.