DJ Svoger, The Friday Track, Week 33

Oh yesThere’s so much great new music every week, but this week has been very generous indeed, with loads of great tracks and new stuff – so picking a single track as “Track of the Week”, has simply been too painful and hard a task.

At the same time, it’s important to remember, that you always should share your best secret tracks with your close friends… the same goes for DJ Svoger, then of course we want to share some of the best tracks, that we have stumbled upon this week.

Thats why we’ll do it a bit differently this week. We will not provide you with just one great song for the weekend – but with six extraordinary tracks – in a 30 minutes DJ Svoger Special Friday Minimix.

The great news is that these tracks actually works very well together. But we’ll let you be the judge of that, if you listen to The Special Friday Minimix right here;.

Track ID

“Show Me What” – Manuel Kane
“Give Myself Away” – Amy Douglas & All Dom Wrong
“Happy Days” – Max Lyazgin (Satin Jackets remix)
“You’re So High” – Eli & Fur (Ejeca remix)
“Romanticise” – Chela (Gold Fields remix)
“Nine Five” – New York Transit Authority

Now we have shared our best tracks of this week and please remember to use the free download option – so you can pass this mixtape on to your best friends, to share and perhaps invite them on to

Happy friday, everyone!


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