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DJ Svoger, The Friday Track, Week 41


It’s not that many Danish tracks DJ Svoger has promoted here on this blog, even though we are from Copenhagen. Not because there aren’t any great Danish dance music – there is for sure. But we simply often look abroad to find new musical inspiration, instead of in our own backyard.

But this week we came across some Danish remixes from the past season, which have been spinning over and over again all week… but because they are Danish, but because they are great.

The first track was originally released by Rosa Lux, a local Danish Dj, producer and songwriter, with the beautiful Danish singer Randi Laubek on vocals and recently remixed by Thor Finland, another local DJ and we just love this remix of “Monsters”.

The second track is from yet another Copenhagen act, calling themself Etboot, with the awesome remix of Marlena Shaw’s “Woman of the Ghetto” it’s so well done by keeping out all the Blue Boy “remember Me” stuff, that it deserves some attention for being such a great remix.

The third remix comes from a local producer by the name Black Knight. He has done a deep soulful and groovy remix of the local band Sadefiri’s “Inside U”, with the very talented Darwin Day on vocals and if you’re into Darwin Day’s vocal, you should check out more of his new stuff on iTunes.

All together these remixes have not received more than 3.100 plays on Soundcloud, which is a shame, because people should give themselves this great musical experience…

Give it up for Copenhagen, spin these tracks a couple of times and hopefully you will like these backyard remixes as much as DJ Svoger.

Enjoy your weekend!!!


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