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DJ Svoger Wu-Tung Clan Tribute…

Billede1This winter we did a small gig in Italy and this guy came up and asked for some Wu-Tang… The standard arrogant DJ reply would obivious be “DJ Svoger don’t do Hip Hop”. But the truth was that we did not had any Wu-Tang Clan material with us. But back home, it became clear, that this actually could be a great challenge for DJ Svoger, because we don’t really do Hip Hop.

But instead of turning DJ Svoger into a Hip Hop act and keep it true to the underground… we have chosen the opposite and sprayed some dance beats and a DJ Svoger twist of Deep House grooves into some of the best suited Wu-Tang tracks and created this 30 minutes Wu-Tang Clan MiniMix –  DJ Svoger style… with a free download as usual.

So do DJ Svoger do Hip Hop…?’ Well, guess the answer from now on is – DJ Svoger, Ain’t Nuthin’ Ta Fuck Wit!


Track ID;

1. Wu-Tang Clan “Ain’t Nothin Ta F’ Wit (Wick-it VIP Remix)
2. Wu-Tang Clan “Stomp da Roach” feat. Gza Scotty Notty (The Bloody Beetroots remix)
3. Wu-Tang Clan “Ain’t Nuthing Ta F Wit (Luis Leon & Danke Bootleg)
4. Wu-Tang Clan “Gravel Pit” (Flo Gruber & Wilef Edit)
5. Wu-Tang Clan “Chessboxin'” (Copycat Remix)
6. Wu-Tang Clan “Gravel Pit” (Quinten 909 Remix)
7. Wu-Tang Clan vs. Claptone “C.R.E.A.M.” (Silversix Bootleg)


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