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DJ Svoger – The Friday Track, week 22


This week we bring you the latest work from Sydney-based producer and artist Isaac Tichauer, signed on French Express. On his new track “Changes” With almost Marvin Gaye-ish vocal associations this is, however, a completely modern sounding and laid-back house track, very typical of Tichauer. We hope you like it as we do. Have a good one!

DJ Svoger – The Friday Track, week 21


Here at DJ Svoger, we have been die-hard supporters of Coleco for a long time, and have featured their work on many occasions. But the Canadian outfit have kept us waiting for quite some time. However they are now back with a tropical and bouncing fresh single called Disco Babe, which is our track of the week. It comes with a Free Download. Enjoy!

In a kingdom far away – many years ago…

a18256b7661ba93dbed0f4d368a1f67eToday for many, many years ago, a great woman gave birth to the awesome og groovy Morten Kjær – the best wingman one can wish for and the very best half of DJ Svoger. It’s time to celebrate this special occasion on this very beautiful friday here in Copenhagen. Give it up, for some very special get down and some funky birthday disco rhythms… Tyrone & Friends  take it away;

Happy Birthday, Bro