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Friday MiniMix X – ‘The Indie Beach’

Billede2Today we celebrate our 10th release of a Friday MiniMix and this friday we have fallen in love with a number of tracks that suit each other very well – maybe this is Deep Indie or something else, but we do not care, as long as it’s has a groovy feeling – it works for us and it’s definitely worth spending 30 minutes on and if you agree, remember to pick up your free download …

Track ID

1. Lykke Li “No Rest For The Wicked” (Figgy Remix) 2. Benjamin Francis Leftwich “Snowship” (Thomas Jack Remix) 3. Tristan Prettyman “Song For The Rich (Bearson Remix) 4. Grizfolk “The Struggle” (RAC Remix) 5. Milky Chance “Stolen Dance” 6. Möwe “Call You Home” (Bootleg) 7. John De Sohn “Under The Sun (Bearson Bootleg) feat. Andreas Moe

With this MiniMix X we wish you guys the best of weekends and remember to follow DJ Svoger on SoundCloud and check out our new Tumblr blog – you know… quid pro quo!

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