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DJ Svoger, The Friday Track, Week 39

artwork_pony_oriano-624x624It is not a question of whether you’re horny or not – we know you are, the question is whether you love Ginuwine‘s ‘Pony’ as much as we do or not, and if you do, there is good news coming your way. Track of the Week here at the DJ Svoger Lab of Love is a fresh remix of this amazing track, from the up and coming Oriano feat. Ray Horton. Release date October 10th.

But we don’t stop there – after all it is a wonderful friday and the weekend is just around the corner, so as a bonus we provide you not only with the classy original, but with yet another awesome remix by Tough Love, with a twist of some Robin S magic. This remix is actually from our secret LIveset stash – just shared with you guys, so you are fully ‘Pony’ equipped for the weekend… so jump on it and get to it!!

Track of the Week;

The secret gem from our Live sets;

… or keep it classy with the original seed, which btw starts kind of silent.

A wonderful weekend to you all!!


DJ Svoger




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