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DJ Svoger- The Friday Track, Week 44

Track of the week is a slow-ish yet very bouncy track from Texan outfit MSCLS aka Josh Vela. The track bass-heavy “Time to move” does exactly that – get’s us moving. So get out there and start warming up to our monthly mixtape event, which will be launched on this page tomorrow!

DJ Svoger – The Friday Track, Week 43


It‘s hard not to fall in love with Shapes U Never Loved Me It’s such a cool track with a super catchy house beat, that fits Friday night perfectly with a drink in your hand.

Unfortunately this track is in the hands of BMKLTSCH RCRDS that repeatedly has postponed the release. It is a shame for the dutch band, because they have done a cracking track that deserves better. The release is currently november 10. But give it a spin and tell us if you feel it.

DJ Svoger – The Friday Track, Week 42


Friends of Svoger! Once again we-re sucking up to cool french vibes (no pun intended). This weeks favorite track is a groovy semi-slow Balearic-inspired track with some of the sexiest vocals you have heard for a long time… The track is “Saint Claude” by Christine And The Queens and is bound to make your weekend so much better …

DJ Svoger – The Private Party Mixtape

Private Party

When playing at private parties, you’ll get requests for tracks some in the audience either know well or just want to hear right away – worst case, with no respect for the work that’s being done. So playing at small private parties is a job DJ Svoger has immense respect for, since the chances of success depends on the number of jerks attending – no matter how much great music you introduce to these morons.

Thankfully private parties on the other hand can be some of the best parties around, when everybody just wants to have a good time and contribute with great energy and happy vibes – creating a night to remember. This friday we give you fresh mixtape as a tribute to all these wonderful people, who knows how to rock a party, spread some love and share the joy.

We simply call it ‘The Private Party’ and have picked some classy dance tracks, who people probably know, as we have shared some of the tracks before, but never in this constellation and hopefully this mixtape will get a great private party started somewhere and make the good times roll.

So all you beautiful party people, this one is for you…

Track ID;

  1. Fergie – ‘Glamorous’ (Matt DiMona Remix)
  2. Justin Timberlake – ‘Love Sex Magic’ (Axmod Remix)
  3. Toni Braxton – ‘You’re Makin Me High’ (Loveless Remix)
  4. Mark Morrison – ‘Retur Of The Mack’ (SNBRN Remix)
  5. Whitney Houston – ‘Love Will Save The Day’ (Kaiski Remix)
  6. Kanye West – ‘Love Lockdown’ (Deepjack & Alpine Remix)
  7. U2 – ‘Ordinary Love’ (Pretty Pink Remix)
  8. Lissat & Voltaxx – ‘Groovejet’ (Andrey Exx & Fomichev Remix) feat. Marc Fisher
  9. Inner City – ‘Good Life’ (Kaiski Contest Remix)
  10. Mart – ‘Hollywood’ feat. Casey
  11. Ginuwine – ‘Pony’ (Tough Love Remix)
  12. Gala – ‘Freed From Desire’ (Lost Frequencies Bootleg)
  13. Nicolas Hanning & A’dam B – ‘Dreamer 2014’
  14. Shakedown – ‘At Night’ (Blonde Version)

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DJ Svoger – The Friday Track, Week 40


This week we treat you with news from the Manchester duo Mediate with their new single Everytime, a follow-up to debut EP “Harder”. They give us a polished, feel-good, tropical and melodic house track which shows us the true talent of this appealing producer/vocalist pair. Enjoy!