DJ Svoger – The Oceanside Mixtape

DJS TOMOnce again DJ Svoger brings you some fresh tunes, with a new Mixtape series called ‘The Oceanside Mixtapes’ – it’s more funky than ‘The Rooftop Mixtapes’, more happy than ‘The Sound of Sundays’ and almost as cool as our monthly lovechilds:) Enjoy!!

Track ID;

1. T-Pain – “Can’t Believe It” (Figgy Remix)
2. Hannah Barnett – “Nails” (HXLY KXSS Remix)
3. Millesim – “Fall In” feat. Sophie Galpin
4. Brandy – “What About Us” (Fullscale Edition)
5. Jean Tonique – “What You Wanna Do”
6. Kazy Lambist – “Doing Yoga” (Civilian Remix)
7. Tâches – “Prints of Whales” feat. PB Kaya
8. Dirtytwo – “Moody” (HNNY Edit)
9. Meramek – “Feeling”
10. July Child X JackLNDN – “Power Trip X Aeterna (AA Bootleg)
11. Erykah Badu – “Otherside of the Game” (Katie Remix)
12. The Weeknd – “Where You Belong” (Jonathan Rosa Remix)
13. O-Le Club – “Satellite” (Toniia Remix) feat. Austin Greene
14. Listenbee – “Save Me” (Tez Cadey Remix)
15. Amy Winehouse – “Stronger Than Me” (Taage Remix)
16. Latroit X Bishøp – “Loving Every Minute” (VIP Edit)

Try more of the same vibe, with a different groove;


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