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Summer 2016 – Living in the moment


Hey Guys,

Summer is upon us and that calls for a proper treat from yours truly. Especially so that this months’ work can serve as your prime summertime soundtrack. At DJ Svoger we’ve had on our sights set on the upcoming holiday season for quite a while now as we know that it brings with it that perfect blend of sunshine, good friends, hot jams and delicious drinks. We can’t wait… Of course, playlists play an essential role in such festivities, so we’re here to add our contribution, bringing you a collection of vibrant house and tropical grooves sure to get those bodies moving. A great summer to you all.


DJ Svoger

Full tracklist:

  1. Sofi Tukker – Déjà Vu Affair
  2. Alicia Keys – In Common
  3. Paul Getto – Happy Home
  4. Robyn & La Bagatelle Magique – Love Is Free (feat. Maluca) [Moon Boots Remix]
  5. Fabich & Ferdinand Weber – Somewhere
  6. EDX – Roadkill (EDX’s Ibiza Sunrise Remix)
  7. Camden Cox, Embody – Dreamin’ (JackLNDN Remix)
  8. Imany – Don’t Be So Shy (Kideko Remix)
  9. Lou Van – Living in the Moment
  10. RÜFÜS – Brighter
  11. Steve Void & Alex Adair – Burnin’ (Original Mix)
  12. Justin Novak – Keep Running
  13. Toyboy & Robin – Borrowed (feat. Gyptian & L Marshall) (Kideko Remix)
  14. Anton Powers – Love You Better (Extended Mix)
  15. Majestic & That Guy – My Boo 2016

DJ Svoger – The Rooftop Mixtape V

TRMVWelcome to the fifth release in our Rooftop Mixtapeseries … this time with a handful of charming tracks, that hopefully will suit any occasion under open skies and gentle evenings. Enjoy!


1. Buena Vista Social Club – Chan Chan (Vijay & Sofia Zlatko Edit)
2. One T. – All I Wanted
3. Benet – Floating
4. Lucy Pearl – Don’t Mess With My Man (Le Boeuf Remix)
5. Ben Macklin – The First
6. SG Lewis – No Less (Fames Remix)
7. Rust – Tell Me, feat. Cozy
8. Moon Boots – Whatever You Need
9. Purple Disco Machine – Soul So Sweet
10. Krono – Redight, feat. Vanjess (Ferreck Dawn Remix)
11. Husky – Break Free, feat. Fourfeet
12. Ordonez – The Spell
13. Dangio – Swept Away (Farrow Remix)
14. Lana Del Rey – Video Games (Joris Voorn Edit)
15. Shakarchi & Stranéus – Hissmusik (HNNY Edit)
16. Oh Wonder – All We Do (Achtabahn Remix)

DJ Svoger – The Rooftop Mix IV

DJS RTM IVIf you have been following DJ Svoger for a while, you’re familiar with our chilledRooftop” Mixtapes.

Now we have enough great tracks to present a new edition and this time it’s Volume IV, which includes a wide range of great quality tracks, but please pay attention to the Alex Mescudi & Scout’s Remix of Mind Over Matter” from PVRIS and Cooperated Souls Remix for Alphabeat‘s DJ “, just to mention a few.


Track ID;

1. Marti Ann – “You Wanna Think” (Cajoline Remix)
2. Astronomyy – “Nothin On My Mind” (Bearson Remix)
3. PVRIS – “Mind Over Matter” (Alex Mescudi & Scout Remix)
4. Ekkah – “Last Chance To Dance” (Goldroom Remix)
5. William De Vaughn – “Be Thankful For What You Got” (FKJ Remix)
6. Body Language – “Really Love” (Gold Fields ‘Body Funk’ Remix)
7. Legendary Boy & Echodust – “Never Right For Me”
8. Saturday, Monday – “Marble Coast” (Solarris Remix)
9. Mediate – “What You Do”
10. Bag Raiders – “Shooting Stars” (Poolclvb Cover)
11. The Magician – “Sunlight” (Darius Remix) ‘Kav Verhouzer Edit’
12. Alphabeat – “DJ” (Cooperated Souls Remix)
13. Kayper – “The Edge” feat. Janai
14. TKDJS – “Don’t Leave” feat. Ayer
15. Drake – “Too Much” (Prince Club Dub) feat. Sampha

If this work for you, this mixtape just might do the same;

DJ Svoger – The Sound of Sundays X


Those who have followed DJ Svoger through some time, knows that we splits our musical taste, into several and various mix tapes – to create different moods, for different occasions.

Our monthly release, on the first day of each and every month, always represents the best current music around. Our ‘Rooftop Mixtapes*, often provide tracks with a lower BPM, as an alternative to the monthly mixtape, for more cosy settings and then there’s the groovy ‘Funky Friday Mixtapes’ which is more disco, soul and funk’ish, with dance friendly selections and recognizable tracks.

Then there’s our oldest mixtape series, our ambient and chilled electronica selection, called ‘Sound of Sundays’, where we today have reached an anniversary, as we launch our tenth edition. The truth is, that these ‘Sound of Sunday’s mixtapes’ are the hardest to prepare of them all. Because It so hard difficult to find suitable quality tracks, and then with a lot of hard work, to create a good continuous flow and mix it all together nicely.

Which we hope, that we just might have done once again. Please give it a shot and enjoy the more quiet and laid-back side of DJ Svoger – perhaps as a chilled soundtrack to your relaxed weekend.

Track ID;

Drake – ‘Hold On We’re Going Home’ (McClenney Cover)
The Code – ‘Run’
Foster The People – ‘Helena Beat’ (Argüello Remix)
Shoby – ‘Outside’ feat. Lilly Ahlberg
Dana – ‘Dear Love’ (Birthday Boy Remix)
Alina Baraz & Galimatias – ‘Fantasy’
Catching Flies & Ifan Dafydd – ‘Don’t Know How’
Liz – ‘Don’t Say’ feat. Tyga (Beshken Remix)
Drake – ‘Hold On’ (TONIIA Deep Remix)
The Weeknd – ‘Wicked Games (Nosleep Remix)
ASTR – ‘No Type’ (Rae Sremmurd Cover)
KNDL & Redux – ‘Fine’
Wet – ‘Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl’ (Branchez Remix)
Katuchat & Rusty Hook – ‘Pastel’
Oh Wonder – ‘The Rain’ (Saje Remix)
Snakehips & Tory Lanez – ‘Dimalo’
Kuma – ‘Falling For Somebody New’
Drake – ‘From Time’ feat. Jhene Aiko (DrewsThatDude Edit)
Tears & Marbie – ‘What Is Love’ (Haddaway Cover)

Track back to the ninth edition of ‘The Sound of Sundays’;

DJ Svoger – The Slow Jams Mixtape

candlelightWell, this mixtape was’n’t really meant to be, but sometimes things just turns out better than you have expected… although Drake perhaps is getting to much love and attention on this tape;) . But if you’re into R&B, chilled hip hop or just in the mood for 30 minutes with some slow beats, outstanding vocals and cool remixes – this mixtape just might help you get better through the cold season, .

Warm musical hugs and a free download from DJ Svoger;

Track ID;

Jay Sean – “Sex With The Ex” (Mogul Remix)
Drake – “Hold On” (Toniia! Deep Remix)
Yung Lean – “Gatorade” (Lido Remix)
The Weeknd & Swae Lee & Future – “Drinks On Us (Remix)
Louis Rustum – “Not Impressed”
I Love Makonnen – “Tuesday” feat. Drake
Kendre – “Got Me Stuck”
Mary J. Blige – “Mr. Wrong” feat. Drake

If you like ‘The Slow Jams Mixtape’, you will probably also enjoy ‘The Sound of Sundays VIII’;

The Rooftop Mixtape, Volume III

rtmm-iii1Get ready for yet another DJ Svoger lovechild… it’s time for the third round in our ‘Rooftop Mix’ selection – which means lower bpm, more mellow, still danceable and very laid back in the classy DJ Svoger kind of way.. Our ‘Rooftop Mix’ has always been handpicked quality lovesongs, who will suit perfectly on a terrance in Ibiza or in a rooftop bar in Asia.

For any newcomers; DJ Svoger creates a monthly mixtape with some of the hottest track in that current month, which is our Flagship product – but on top of that, we produce different kind of mixtapes like our “Sound of Sundays” with very ambient tracks mixed together or our “Friday MiniMix” which 30 minutes of pure partystarter ingredients, “The R’n’Hopster Mixtapes” is a new idea, which is comtemporary R’n’B grooves mixed with Hip Hop anthems to the local hipsters… you know: R’n’B + Hip Hop + Hipster = “R’n’Hopster Mixtape” and of course the “Roofttop Mixtapes” which this post is all about. We hope that you’ll get the picture of the wide range of the DJ Svoger productions and our music selection for every occasion.

Enjoy and always with a free download!!

Track ID;

1. “Seduction” – Le Sexe Faible
2. “3005” (Chordashian Remix) – Childish Gambino
3. “Start Again” – Pomo feat. Andrea Cormier
4. “Hold You” – Cajoline & Le Flex
5. “Snare” – Cosmo’s Midnight feat. Wild Eyed Boy
6. “Outside” – Shoby feat. Lilly Ahlberg
7. “Jealous” – Ben Macklin & Nude Disco
8. “By My Side” (Great Good Fine Ok Remix) – Great Good Fine Ok
9. “Move Me” (Tâches Remix) – Wet
10. “100% Chance of Rain” – Obey City
11. “Chasing Time” (Crayon Remix) – Azealia Banks
12. “R.I.P.” (Moon Boots Bootsleg) – Fatima
13. “Love Thang” (Sable Blanc Remix) – First Choice
14. “Lucy Stone” – Kaasi
15. “Wicked Games” (Daniele Di Martino Remix) – Cære De Pirate
16. “You Make Me Feel Good” Doumëa feat. Parking Method

DJ Svoger – The Sound of Sundays IX

DJS SOS IX SCIt’s time for DJ Svoger to take you on a dreamy electronic journey where the elements are debauched and liquid – we call it ‘The Sound of Sundays’ and this is our ninth mixtape in our ‘Sound of Sundays’ series. It is always a special event when we launch this kind of mixtape, because the material does not come easily and there is often a long run-up to a ‘The Sound of Sundays‘ release. This time around the style is more ambient and quiet than some of the recent Sound of Sundays‘ editions. Perhaps its because of Christmas and the fact that the holiday season is upon us or perhaps it’s just because we love the chilled mood.

This edition will take you around the world, with sounds, vocals and rhythms from urban landscapes in the Far East to the concrete jungles of North America, from the fashionable central Europe through the colorful Middle East and back over the cold North Atlantic and home to our beloved and melancholic Scandinavia – and as always, we hope you will join us on this relaxed journey…

The tracklist;

1. ‘Make Me Feel’ – Bruised Skies & Frenchfire
2. ‘Whirlpool’ feat. Violet Skies – Stumbleine (Sorrow Remix)
3. ‘Silk’ – Thrupence
4. ‘I’ve Been Secretly Falling Apart’ – Owsey, Jenalism & Resotone
5. ‘Return To Air’ – Bonobo
6. ‘Pick Me Up’ – Låpsley (Babel Remix)
7. ‘In Silence’ – Octave Minds
8. ‘Mafish Keddah’ feat. Basim Alansar – Rosa Lux (Rempue Remix) DJ Svoger flip edit
9. ‘Subside’ – Galimatias & Sorrow
10. ‘Unfaith’ – Ekali
11. ‘Near Light’ – Ólafur Arnalds
12. ‘Endorphin’ – Burial (Cheney Weird Remix)
13. ‘Yellow’ – Fwdslxsh
14. ‘Walk’ – Ludovico Einaudi (Phaeleh Remix)
15. ‘Jag är din’ – Älskling

DJ Svoger, The Friday Track – Week 33

Body LanguageThis friday DJ Svoger gives you a rare piece of melodic deep house from Body Language the super-produced Good Things, which is straight up DJ Svogerstyle – cause all it takes is a solid beat, great vocals and a good vibe.

Speaking of good vibes, please be sure to check out our new Tumblr Blog,, where we have worked hard to combine images of great times, chilled atmosphere, good weekend vibes and selected tracks… Go see for yourself!

A wonderful weekend to you all!

DJ Svoger – Sound of Sundays VIII

SOS VIIIBefore this lovely weekend ends, we proudly present the eighth edition in our chilled mixtape collection – “The Sound of Sundays”.

If you are a newbie to “The Sound of Sundays”, the concept is pretty simple – the basic idea is that we carefully select one hour of great tracks to create a relaxed atmosphere, with rare beats, nice vocals or mellow melodies.

Compared to the other DJ Svoger Mixtapes, “The Sound of Sundays” is not on a mission to get you on the dance floor, but to make you chill, kick back and enjoy.

This time around we have selected some of the best contemporary American R’n’B artists, spiced them up with some hard-to-find remixes and secret bootlegs. All this cool material is melted carefully together, to give you a wonderful flow that hopefully matches your relaxed surroundings…

Due to the respect of copyright, this mixtape can not be downloaded and due to new criteria on Soundcloud, this will only be available on Mixcloud. DJ Svoger loves and supports artists, and if anybody is feeling violated, please let us know and we will react immediately.


Track ID;

1. JoJo “Marvins Room”
2. Jhene Aiko “The Worst”
3. HNNY “Exactly”
4. Frank Ocean “Pink Matter” (Manik Skeleton Rework)
5. Fennec & Wolf vs. The Weeknd “Drunk In Love” (Bootleg)
6. The Weeknd “The Zone” feat. Drake (D.Fine Remix)
7. Drake “Girls Love Beyonce” (Savile’s No New Friends Remix)
8. STWO “Lovin U”
9. Jeni “Wildfire” (SBTRKT feat. Drake & Little Dragon Cover)
10. R. Kelly & Keri Hilson “Number One” (STWO Remix)
11. Juan Cristobal “Summer In The Hamptons” feat. Jeffrey Dé Soul
12. JMSN “The One” (StarRo Remix)
13. Meek DeMeo “Paper Birds” feat. Kendrick Lamar (Galimatias Remix)
14. Yuna “Lullabies” (Myles William Remix)
15. Iyes “Crazy In Love” (Beyonce Cover)


DJ Svoger – The Rooftop Mix II

Mix IIIt’s the most beautiful summer in Copenhagen – clear blue skies all around and most of our friends are on their way on holiday and life feels good.

For many of these wonderful people it’s that time of the year, where they find the time to enjoy new music, but probably haven’t done their homework – and as always, DJ Svoger is here to help, with our second release of The Rooftop Mix – loaded with great fresh tracks, who works perfect at the pool, on the terrace or as a sunset soundtrack on a rooftop…

Have a wonderful holiday everyone and stay tuned to DJ Svoger during the summer, please spread the word of our music and our monthly Love Tapes to the people you meet… who knows, there just might be more coming your way in return:)

Love, DJ Svoger

Track ID;

1. Phantogram ‘Fall In Love’ (Figgy Remix)
2. Banks ‘Brain’ (Larse Remix)
3. EMBRZ ‘Make Your Way’
4. Aaliyah ‘Try Again’ (Pete Cave Bootleg)
5. Kill Me Softly ‘Catch’ feat. Jane Elizabeth Hanely (Kids At Midnight Remix)
6. Parachute Youth ‘Can’t Get Better Than This’ (Finnebassen Remix)
7. Neptune Safari ‘Morning Sun’ (Funk Leblanc Remix) feat. Clara La San
8. ZHU ‘Cocaine Model’
9. Chi Thanh ‘Hotel d’amour’
10. Lancelot ‘Truth’ feat. Ngalire
11. Disclosure ‘Latch’ (Mozambo Remix)
12. Möwe ‘Pump Up The Jam’
13. Lana Del Rey ‘West Coast’ (XYConstant Remix)
14. Kungs & Mozambo ‘To Describe You’ feat. Molly