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00:59 Melodic Vol. 5


September 2016 Mixtape – Sunlight Intoxication


Back Again, after a long summer break with a bunch of infectuous tropical vibes that should make you bop around like a happy club camper. With a couple of summer months of curating, it is a truly amazing selection that has been put together this time around. It is a merry selection of big and small names – but in common the have that summery and unmistakeable DJ Svoger vibe. To tie it all together there are a few non-negotiable tracks such as “Be Here” by Duke Dumont and “Daylight” by Disciples. Not to mention “Boss” by Disclosure. But there are also a few less hyped gems such LCAW’s “Clean Break” and plenty more. Please enjoy to the full and remember to repost and throw a few comments on Soundcloud if you like what you hear. Peace.

Your Chief Vibes Officer (CVO), aka DJ Svoger

Full tracklist:

  1. Fono – Feet On the Ground
  2. Fakear – Silver (feat. Rae Morris) [Androma Remix]
  3. Inna – Heaven (Tom Ferry Remix)
  4. Disciples – Daylight (Original Mix)
  5. Rainer + Grimm – Do It Right
  6. Walker & Montis – Peach
  7. Jerome Price – Me Minus You (Extended Version)
  8. Raphaella, LCAW – Clean Break (Original Mix)
  9. Deepend – I’m Intoxicated (Extended Mix)
  10. Le Shuuk – Take My Hand feat. Emma Carn (Esquire Remix)
  11. Duke Dumont – Be Here
  12. Max Zotti & Luca Guerrieri – Tell Me No Lies (feat. Rhett Fisher)
  13. The Him – Balance (Club Edit) [feat. Oktavian]
  14. Ayah Marar, Tom Bull – Mind Controller (Original Mix)
  15. Niko The Kid & Halogen – Tell Me
  16. Disclosure – BOSS (Original Mix)

May 2015 – Focus on the bright side …!


Friends of Svoger!

We are back with an awesomely stunning soundtrack for May 2015. A positively gift-wrapped package with the best 15 tropically inspired disco and house tracks around. We have plenty of exiting names in this months publication, such as Ekkas “last chance to dance”, Blankets’ “Hanging tree” and Mozambo’s catching “Bright side”. All of these together with a few All-stars such as Bit funk, Goldroom and Chordashian, all of them in remixing roles. So there is a good reason for giving this one a spin or two whether its morning, afternoon or late evening. Enjoy to the full! It’s like being there yourself …

As always we provide a Free Download on Soundcloud. Go grab it.

Full tracklist service:

  1. Stalking Gia – Born Free (Soysauce FINAL Edition)
  2. Ekkah – Last chance to dance (Goldroom remix)
  3. Mozambo, Basic Tape – Bright Side feat. Julia Church (Original Mix)
  4. Blankets – The Hanging Tree (Miskeyz Remix)
  5. JackLNDN – Fooled Around
  6. Montmartre – Out of Violence (Louis Laroche Remix)
  7. Bee’s Knees – Rumored to Be Real (Feat. Marty Rod)
  8. Tensnake – Keep on talking
  9. The Six – Unfinished Sympathy (Feat. Jasmine Thompson)
  10. Speaker of the House – I Know You (Original Mix)
  11. TKDJS – Don’t Leave feat. AYER
  12. Little Daylight – Runaround (Chordashian Remix)
  13. Higher Self – Ghosts (Bit Funk Remix)
  14. Angi3, The Him, Sam Feldt – Midnight Hearts feat. ANGI3 (Extended Mix)
  15. Thief – Crazy (Lost Kings Remix)

The Friday Track- Blonde & Pianoman “Cast a Spell”


Take a house piano riff, some serious build-ups and drops, razor sharp vocals and great up-tempo beats, pour it into the melting pot and out comes this beauty of a track, which is bound to get your spirits up on a friday (or whatever evening). Bristol boys Blonde (who also gave us “I Loved you”, one of 2014’s big tracks) – who in our view – can do no wrong, have done it again. This time with their remake of Pianoman’s “Cast a Spell”. Thanks & Enjoy

DJ Svoger – The Private Party Mixtape

Private Party

When playing at private parties, you’ll get requests for tracks some in the audience either know well or just want to hear right away – worst case, with no respect for the work that’s being done. So playing at small private parties is a job DJ Svoger has immense respect for, since the chances of success depends on the number of jerks attending – no matter how much great music you introduce to these morons.

Thankfully private parties on the other hand can be some of the best parties around, when everybody just wants to have a good time and contribute with great energy and happy vibes – creating a night to remember. This friday we give you fresh mixtape as a tribute to all these wonderful people, who knows how to rock a party, spread some love and share the joy.

We simply call it ‘The Private Party’ and have picked some classy dance tracks, who people probably know, as we have shared some of the tracks before, but never in this constellation and hopefully this mixtape will get a great private party started somewhere and make the good times roll.

So all you beautiful party people, this one is for you…

Track ID;

  1. Fergie – ‘Glamorous’ (Matt DiMona Remix)
  2. Justin Timberlake – ‘Love Sex Magic’ (Axmod Remix)
  3. Toni Braxton – ‘You’re Makin Me High’ (Loveless Remix)
  4. Mark Morrison – ‘Retur Of The Mack’ (SNBRN Remix)
  5. Whitney Houston – ‘Love Will Save The Day’ (Kaiski Remix)
  6. Kanye West – ‘Love Lockdown’ (Deepjack & Alpine Remix)
  7. U2 – ‘Ordinary Love’ (Pretty Pink Remix)
  8. Lissat & Voltaxx – ‘Groovejet’ (Andrey Exx & Fomichev Remix) feat. Marc Fisher
  9. Inner City – ‘Good Life’ (Kaiski Contest Remix)
  10. Mart – ‘Hollywood’ feat. Casey
  11. Ginuwine – ‘Pony’ (Tough Love Remix)
  12. Gala – ‘Freed From Desire’ (Lost Frequencies Bootleg)
  13. Nicolas Hanning & A’dam B – ‘Dreamer 2014’
  14. Shakedown – ‘At Night’ (Blonde Version)

If you liked ‘The Private Party Mixtape’ you will probably also like ‘The Galaxy Megamix’;

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DJ Svoger, The Friday Track, Week 39

artwork_pony_oriano-624x624It is not a question of whether you’re horny or not – we know you are, the question is whether you love Ginuwine‘s ‘Pony’ as much as we do or not, and if you do, there is good news coming your way. Track of the Week here at the DJ Svoger Lab of Love is a fresh remix of this amazing track, from the up and coming Oriano feat. Ray Horton. Release date October 10th.

But we don’t stop there – after all it is a wonderful friday and the weekend is just around the corner, so as a bonus we provide you not only with the classy original, but with yet another awesome remix by Tough Love, with a twist of some Robin S magic. This remix is actually from our secret LIveset stash – just shared with you guys, so you are fully ‘Pony’ equipped for the weekend… so jump on it and get to it!!

Track of the Week;

The secret gem from our Live sets;

… or keep it classy with the original seed, which btw starts kind of silent.

A wonderful weekend to you all!!


DJ Svoger



DJ Svogers 2013 favorite tracks


Friends of Svoger,

The boys have been listening, voting and discussing in order to nail down the 20 tracks that we found to be the absolute best ones of 2013. It was no easy task, as we have been promoting somewhere between 300 and 400 different and great tracks throughout last year. To get to 20 was not trivial. But here they are and definitely worth another spin. Enjoy …

DJ Svoger, The Friday Track, Week 50


At DJ Svoger, we just looooove Disclosure. They bring back memories of the opening night on Ibiza this summer. However, summer is no longer here. Or is it? For sure there is plenty of summer in this weeks favorite track, ironically named “January”. We give to you the Canadian producer Kaytranada’s version of the track,  which is just pure magic … Enjoy your weekend!

DJ Svoger likes 15.000 Likes Mixtape


It’s amazing, unbelievable and truely fantastic!!! – because who would have thought that our dear music project named DJ Svoger, only founded 1½ year ago, one day would achieve 15.000 amazing Likes on Facebook, from good people spread around the entire globe.

We are very humble, grateful and happy to have reached this milestone – to express this gratitude we created a quite extraordinary mixtape with great house music, for all our amazing friends to share and enjoy.

We have delved deep into our secret drawers and found some of the hottest tracks right now and mixed them all together, in an effort to create that special DJ Svoger vibe. Because 15.000 Likes is a huge thing for us and you guys deserves something special in return.

We start out with a new remix of Goldroom’s “Fifteen” (for 15 obvious reasons) and then drops new classics like “Baby Talk To Me” by Weiss and “Think About You” by Framewerk. Later on we give you the new Jonas Rathmann Remix and please pay attention to “If You” by Diverse, which is a typically DJ Svoger pianohouse track… one hour all mixed up with floorbanging beats.

So let’s celebrate this great 15.000 Likes milestone by giving this mixtape a spin, as loud as possible and get ready to dance, party, laugh, hope love, cry, pray, scream or just enjoy happiness, peace and lots of good times – because that’s what DJ Svoger is all about – lots of good times all around…

It’s time to pump up the volume, but before you do just that, please accept our sincere thanks for your support, loyalty and for sharing the music that we love…


DJ Svoger

Track ID;

1.   Goldroom – Fifteen (J-Art & Madan Remix)
2.   Flashback – Do Anything For You
3.   Weiss – Baby Talk To Me (Original Mix)
4.   Framewerk – Think About You (Soft 85 Remix)
5.   Jphilipps & Nytron – I Don’t Care (Original Mix)
6.   Yoon – Boundaries (Master Of Glitches Remix)
7.   Anturage – Let me Tell You
8.   London Grammar – Strong (Jonas Rathsman Remix)
9.   Inner Rebels – Always There (Mark Lover & Man Of Goodwill Remix)
10. Anna Lunoe – Breathe (Extended)
11. Martin Ikin – What You’ve Done
12. Diverse – If You
13. DrDr – All Night

The DJ Svoger Friday Track, Week 23

brother-e1336189863159This might be a so last year track, but it hasn’t become the summer hardhitter it deserves. The french band Stuck in the Sound has teamed up with the local and talented Yuksek, to create a perfect remix of disco, Europop and french dance. It’s friday, the sun is up and there is no excuse for not turning the volume up to this remix and remember; you don’t need flashing lights to create a dance floor…