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DJ Svoger – The Sound of Sundays X


Those who have followed DJ Svoger through some time, knows that we splits our musical taste, into several and various mix tapes – to create different moods, for different occasions.

Our monthly release, on the first day of each and every month, always represents the best current music around. Our ‘Rooftop Mixtapes*, often provide tracks with a lower BPM, as an alternative to the monthly mixtape, for more cosy settings and then there’s the groovy ‘Funky Friday Mixtapes’ which is more disco, soul and funk’ish, with dance friendly selections and recognizable tracks.

Then there’s our oldest mixtape series, our ambient and chilled electronica selection, called ‘Sound of Sundays’, where we today have reached an anniversary, as we launch our tenth edition. The truth is, that these ‘Sound of Sunday’s mixtapes’ are the hardest to prepare of them all. Because It so hard difficult to find suitable quality tracks, and then with a lot of hard work, to create a good continuous flow and mix it all together nicely.

Which we hope, that we just might have done once again. Please give it a shot and enjoy the more quiet and laid-back side of DJ Svoger – perhaps as a chilled soundtrack to your relaxed weekend.

Track ID;

Drake – ‘Hold On We’re Going Home’ (McClenney Cover)
The Code – ‘Run’
Foster The People – ‘Helena Beat’ (Argüello Remix)
Shoby – ‘Outside’ feat. Lilly Ahlberg
Dana – ‘Dear Love’ (Birthday Boy Remix)
Alina Baraz & Galimatias – ‘Fantasy’
Catching Flies & Ifan Dafydd – ‘Don’t Know How’
Liz – ‘Don’t Say’ feat. Tyga (Beshken Remix)
Drake – ‘Hold On’ (TONIIA Deep Remix)
The Weeknd – ‘Wicked Games (Nosleep Remix)
ASTR – ‘No Type’ (Rae Sremmurd Cover)
KNDL & Redux – ‘Fine’
Wet – ‘Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl’ (Branchez Remix)
Katuchat & Rusty Hook – ‘Pastel’
Oh Wonder – ‘The Rain’ (Saje Remix)
Snakehips & Tory Lanez – ‘Dimalo’
Kuma – ‘Falling For Somebody New’
Drake – ‘From Time’ feat. Jhene Aiko (DrewsThatDude Edit)
Tears & Marbie – ‘What Is Love’ (Haddaway Cover)

Track back to the ninth edition of ‘The Sound of Sundays’;

DJ Svoger – The Sound of Sundays IX

DJS SOS IX SCIt’s time for DJ Svoger to take you on a dreamy electronic journey where the elements are debauched and liquid – we call it ‘The Sound of Sundays’ and this is our ninth mixtape in our ‘Sound of Sundays’ series. It is always a special event when we launch this kind of mixtape, because the material does not come easily and there is often a long run-up to a ‘The Sound of Sundays‘ release. This time around the style is more ambient and quiet than some of the recent Sound of Sundays‘ editions. Perhaps its because of Christmas and the fact that the holiday season is upon us or perhaps it’s just because we love the chilled mood.

This edition will take you around the world, with sounds, vocals and rhythms from urban landscapes in the Far East to the concrete jungles of North America, from the fashionable central Europe through the colorful Middle East and back over the cold North Atlantic and home to our beloved and melancholic Scandinavia – and as always, we hope you will join us on this relaxed journey…

The tracklist;

1. ‘Make Me Feel’ – Bruised Skies & Frenchfire
2. ‘Whirlpool’ feat. Violet Skies – Stumbleine (Sorrow Remix)
3. ‘Silk’ – Thrupence
4. ‘I’ve Been Secretly Falling Apart’ – Owsey, Jenalism & Resotone
5. ‘Return To Air’ – Bonobo
6. ‘Pick Me Up’ – Låpsley (Babel Remix)
7. ‘In Silence’ – Octave Minds
8. ‘Mafish Keddah’ feat. Basim Alansar – Rosa Lux (Rempue Remix) DJ Svoger flip edit
9. ‘Subside’ – Galimatias & Sorrow
10. ‘Unfaith’ – Ekali
11. ‘Near Light’ – Ólafur Arnalds
12. ‘Endorphin’ – Burial (Cheney Weird Remix)
13. ‘Yellow’ – Fwdslxsh
14. ‘Walk’ – Ludovico Einaudi (Phaeleh Remix)
15. ‘Jag är din’ – Älskling

DJ Svoger, The Friday Track, Week 48


Things are starting to happen again on one of our favourite labels, French Express. This time it is the New York based producer Chris Malinchak that is back with his new track “Call My Name”. This little gem is a deep and pumping  indie house track with a dark, yet distinctive tropical vibe. Absolutely wonderful for your friday warm-up, wind-down or whatever activity you have planned. It even comes with a free download. Enjoy.

DJ Svoger, The Friday Track, Week 45

LysThis is one of those weeks where Sunday is arriving early…

Welcome to the launch of our sixth edition of the DJ Svoger “Sound of Sundays” mixtapes. These mixtapes contains tracks that we have picked up around, when we have searched for new tracks across the web, collecting stuff for the usual DJ Svoger mixtapes.

Sometimes you come across a special track that eventhough it’s really great, it won’t fit in anywhere – when that happens, then we know that we just found a “Sound of Sundays” track, and when we have collected enough there are suitable for each other, then it’s time for a new “Sound of Sundays” mixtape and today is such a day.

In our “Sound of Sundays” series you will find odd mixes, crazy constellations and strange tracks you probably never have heard before …all with a mellow, identical and ambient vibe in general.

We hope that you will enjoy this sixth attempt to create a cosy daylight soundtrack and let us spice up your weekend with some new tracks… and if you wonder what “hygge” on the candles in the photo above means – then it’s the danish word for cosiness, which is the essence of “Sound of Sundays VI”… now chill.

Track ID;

1. Rhye – Open (Bondax Remix)
2. Affelaye – Never Felt Real
3. Sixth Avenue Express – Goodbye
4. Cherokee – Don’t Matter, feat. Darianna
5. BG Baarregaard – Grunerlokka Groove
6. Marlena Shaw – Woman of the Ghetto (El Boots Ghetto Remix)
7. Selah Sue – I Truly Love (Marlon Hoffstadt Edit)
8. Daughter – Still (Leave Remix)
9. Füchse – Sacellum
10. Rosa Lux – Monsters, feat. Randi Laubek (T. Finland Remix)
11. Basecamp – Emmanuel (Stwo Remix)
12. Polica – Chain My Name (Allan Kingdom Remix)
13. Charles Murdoch – Dekire, feat. Oscar Key Sung
14. Jaysways – Surround Me (Cosmos Midnight Mix)
15. Alt-J – Breezeblocks (Sebastian Carter Remix)
16. Mary J. Blige – Just Fine (El Train Refix)

DJ Svoger, The Friday Track, Week 42


Today we celebrate a new release from an old-time DJ Svoger favorite, the Brooklyn duo Chordashian (Cold Nights, Illusion). Now they’re back with their new single “Skyscraper Souls”, a feel-good, tropical-sounding track featuring vocals from Marie Seyrat of LA-based indie duo Freedom Fry. This weeks friday track definitely creates the right vibe for your weekend getaway. Listen to it and download it for free below. Happy friday!

DJ Svoger, The Friday Track – Week 34


Friends of Svoger beloved…

This week we bring you long awaited news from French Express and Chris Malinchak with his new, deep and groovy track “So into you”. For those of you who know your funk/disco history, you will recognize the vocal sample form the classic The System track “Don’t Disturb This Groove”. Enjoy!


Sound of Sundays, vol. IV has arrived!

DistinoIt has been a great summer for DJ Svoger – we have collected loads of new great music, creating new plans for our future and enjoyed the clublife in Ibiza. But now we are back and we start with our Volume 4 of “The Sound of Sundays” mixtapes. This time we go back to the roots and the original idea, to keep it below 120 bpm, to hit the atmosphere as sunsets, days at the pool or drinks on the Balearic terrace can produce. We added some of the more classy, but reworked material into this edition, so you might discover that it’s slightly different than the previous releases – and as always, we hope you like it, download it and share it with all your friends…

Track ID

Alunageorge – “You Know You Like It” (DJ Snake Remix)
James Blake – “Retrograde” (Finn Pilly Edit)
Stwo – “You”, feat. Sanna Hartfield
The Commodores – “Nightshift” (Finnebassen Remix)
Sade – “Pull Us Apart” (LNTG Rework)
The Crusaders – “Street Life” (Moog & Scratch Edit)
Michael Jackson – “Rock With You” (The Reflex Revision)
Den Ishu & Noah – “Ride The Boogie”
Monsoon Season – “Green On Blue” (Moon Boots Remix), feat. Mis Bee
Amerie – “Why Don’t We Fall In Love” (Kaytranada Edition)
Adesse – “Baayi”
Kidnap Kid – “Thin Lines”, feat. Lotti
Figgy – “Tell Me”
Flight Facilities – “I Didn’t Believe” (Lou Teti Remix)

The “Sound of Sundays” – Volume II

IIWelcome to another fresh edition of our Sound of Sundays vol II, where DJ Svoger once again celebrates the beauty of Sundays, with an hour of mellow electronic music, that hopefully will serve you well as a soundtrack for a day full of peace, relaxation and love …

Track ID;

JJ “Still”
Wild Belle “Its Too Late” (Employee Of The Year Remix)
FTSE “Float” feat. Kenzie May
Jetlag “Technicolorheart”
Cocorosie “Gravedigress” (FlicFlac Edit)
Polica “Wandering Star (Tropics Remix)
Parra for Cuva and Mr. Gramo (Swept Away) feat. Anna Naklab
Syron “Here” (Blase Boys Club Remix)
Bonobo “Know You”
Mariah Carey “Touch My Body” (Cyril Hahn Remix)
Ifan Dafydd “Celwydd” feat. Alys Williams
Inkarv “If I”
Drake “Crew Love” (Shlohmo Remix) feat. The Weeknd
Saycet “Opal” (Anoraak Remix)

DJ Svoger – The Friday Track – Week 11


At DJ Svoger we looove Duke Dumont. He gave us a big track with Need U (100%), recently featured in our January mixtape (https://soundcloud.com/djsvoger/dj-svoger-january-2013-mixtape) and on our Facebook page linking to the video following the single release. It seems that Duke Dumont (aka Adam Dyment) can do no wrong these days, which is certainly also the case with his remix of L.A.’s synth-pop trio HAIM latest single “Falling”. Get ready for a goosebump experience …

Enjoy friday!

DJ Svoger “The Quiet Storm” Mixtape

CopenhagenBy introducing this particular relaxed mixtape, DJ Svoger invites you to join us on a new musical journey, filled with modern electronic vibes and Scandinavian melancholy… a cool universe with rare beats and where the quiet storm blows!


“You’re The Shade Of My Heart” – Owsey, Stumbleine & Resotone
“After The Match” (Kyson Remix) – Indian Wells
“Journey Of Dreams” – Module Module & Graciellita feat. Sam LoCascio
“Strawberry Blonde” – Stumbleine
“Shell Of Light” (Shlohmo Remix) – Burial
“Find You” – Essáy feat. Ida Dillan
“Lost & Found” – VVV
“Diver” (Lindsay Lowend Bootleg) – Alunageorge
“Every Cloud” – Rameses B.
“Want Me” – Affelaye
“Mirrors” – Jhené Aiko
“Leave The Light On” (Stumbleine Remix) – Asa
“Don’t Wait” (Sina. Remix) – Kilimanjaro
“Should Be True” – Phaeleh
“Skinny Love” (Owsey Remix) – Birdy