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DJ Svoger – The March 2013 Mixtape

dj-turntable IIMarch … Where we come from – cool, yet cold Copenhagen – March is when we start hoping again. Hoping for light, warmth… All of this hope has been boiled down into this months mixtape. This month we bring you several of our DJ Svoger darlings: Opening on ColeCo’s new track (ColeCo being the ones to deliver last years absolute favorite “Ricky Smiley”), following up with a Moon-Boots remix and Moon Boots’ latest track. Including a Bit Funk remix (of Dream of Bombay), along side with an A.N.D.Y remix of Voltron’s “Let Go”, not to mention Eurocrats (with one certain Dimitri from Paris). Lastly DJ Svoger has created an own edit of Ali Love’s monster track “Emperor” that we close the tape with. Oooh Wee! Love & peace. Yours truly.

ONLINE STREAMING of this months Mixtape here (including full track-list):

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INDIVIDUAL TRACKS of this months Mixtape here:

DJ Svoger’s Fredags track – Uge 38

Det er ikke meget Italo-Disco svogeren har disket op med siden Sabrina. Men denne uges fredag skal så absolut være en undtagelse …

Vi kan nemlig slet ikke lade være! For I skal da høre Brooklyns Disco ensemble “Escort” med deres debut single “Starlight”, her remix’et af André Allen Anjos fra RAC. Det er en mavepuster af et disco nummer, som med sikkerhed får bevægelse ind i de små hjem. Og som ekstra bonus ligger den som gratis download. God fornøjelse og god weekend!

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