Listen to the August 2013 Mixtape

Caf+Del+Mar+CafedelMarSunset18The mixtape for August is dedicated to those beautiful Ibiza sunsets, where the sun leaves the horizon with a round of applause, from those who gratefully through the day have enjoyed the heat, the light and the bright reflections of the sun. This is where the evening slowly begins, darkness falls and tension rises.

It’s with this special moment in mind we created The August Mixtape – because when the sun is going down, the volume and the beats per minute have to go up. We give you one hour of great selected electronic dance music, DJ Svoger style – that hopefully will work to get you well off into the night.

This month you have to pay special attention to the tracks from Afrojack, ColeCo, DrDr and Figgy… great stuff that deserves to be enjoyed really loud with friends.

Online streaming of The August Mixtape right here:

Free download of The August Mixtape here:

Individual tracks of this months Mixtape here:

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