Listen to the September 2013 Mixtape


Once again, expect to be in for a bit of a ride! Opening on tropical beats, that promise more. A midsection which is heavy on bass. And a long ending with soulful and uptempo house. That is our recipe for a helluva Mixtape this September. We give you plenty of new stuff, such as Loui & Scibi, tropical grooves from Dragon Suplex, Wookie and Eliza Doolittle’s “The Hype”, not to mention the crown jewel this month (in our humble opinion) Sharon Pass and Steve Silk Hurley’s “The word is Love” + many more. Listen, share and enjoy!

Online streaming of this months Mixtape right here (including full track-list):

Free download of this months Mixtape here:

Individual tracks of this months Mixtape here:


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