DJ Svoger – The Funky Friday Mixtape II

DJSTFFMIt’s Friday and we welcome you to the launch of ‘The Funky Friday Mixtape – Volume II’.

We have reached our second release in the ‘The Funky Friday Mixtape’ series, as a logic continuation of the first, which experienced great popularity in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and the United States.

This time around we offer renditions to many of the great funk masters, such as Earth, Wind and Fire, Michael Jackson, James Brown and Rick James …but with brand new remixes , remakes and other creative versions of their great classics.

One hour of funky, remixed and comtemportary beats, with a free download – just in time to spice up your weekend and get you in the groove.



1. Brayton Bowman – “Jaywalk” (Dabeull RMX)
2. Little Beaver – “Groove On” (DJ Vas & Soulist Re-Edit)
3. Wetty Bright – “Slip & Do It” (V Feels So Good Edit)
4. Earth, Wind & Fire – “In The Stone” (The Reflex Revision)
5. Whitney Houston – “Fine” (LeMarquis & FAB Remix)
6. Donna Summer – “Do U Wanna Get Down” (LNTG Rework)
7. Crazy P – “Stop, Space, Return” – (Hot Toddy Mix)
8. Tvfrom86 – “Purple People”
9. Rick James – “Give It To Me Baby” (Rens Worbier & Melon Edit)
10. The Roots – “Break U Off” (Dino Soccio Rework)
11. Michael Jackson – “Get On The Floor” – (Kon Extended Remix)
12. Hamilton Bohannon – “Let’s Start A Dance” – (Paul Raymond Edit)
13. James Brown – “Mind Power” – (Basement Freaks Regroove – DJ Svoger Edit)

Track back to the first ‘The Funky Friday Mixtape’ – Volume I;


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