DJ Svoger – The Rooftop Mix II

TRM IIIt’s the most beautiful summer in Copenhagen – clear blue skies all around and most of our friends are on their way on holiday and life feels good.

For many of these wonderful people it’s that time of the year, where they find the time to enjoy new music, but probably haven’t done their homework – and as always, DJ Svoger is here to help, with our second release of The Rooftop Mix – loaded with great fresh tracks, who works perfect at the pool, on the terrace or as a sunset soundtrack on a rooftop…

Have a wonderful holiday everyone and stay tuned to DJ Svoger during the summer, please spread the word of our music and our monthly Love Tapes to the people you meet… who knows, there just might be more coming your way in return:)

Love, DJ Svoger

Track ID;

1. Phantogram ‘Fall In Love’ (Figgy Remix)
2. Banks ‘Brain’ (Larse Remix)
3. EMBRZ ‘Make Your Way’
4. Aaliyah ‘Try Again’ (Pete Cave Bootleg)
5. Kill Me Softly ‘Catch’ feat. Jane Elizabeth Hanely (Kids At Midnight Remix)
6. Parachute Youth ‘Can’t Get Better Than This’ (Finnebassen Remix)
7. Neptune Safari ‘Morning Sun’ (Funk Leblanc Remix) feat. Clara La San
8. ZHU ‘Cocaine Model’
9. Chi Thanh ‘Hotel d’amour’
10. Lancelot ‘Truth’ feat. Ngalire
11. Disclosure ‘Latch’ (Mozambo Remix)
12. Möwe ‘Pump Up The Jam’
13. Lana Del Rey ‘West Coast’ (XYConstant Remix)
14. Kungs & Mozambo ‘To Describe You’ feat. Molly


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