DJ Svoger – The Sound of Sundays IX

DJS SOS IX SCIt’s time for DJ Svoger to take you on a dreamy electronic journey where the elements are debauched and liquid – we call it ‘The Sound of Sundays’ and this is our ninth mixtape in our ‘Sound of Sundays’ series. It is always a special event when we launch this kind of mixtape, because the material does not come easily and there is often a long run-up to a ‘The Sound of Sundays’ release. This time around the style is more ambient and quiet than some of the recent ‘Sound of Sundays’ editions. Perhaps it’s because of Christmas and the fact that the holiday season is upon us or perhaps it’s just because we love the chilled mood.

This edition will take you around the world, with sounds, vocals and rhythms from urban landscapes in the Far East to the concrete jungles of North America, from the fashionable central Europe through the colorful Middle East and back over the cold North Atlantic and home to our beloved and melancholic Scandinavia – and as always, we hope you will join us on this relaxed journey…

The tracklist;

1. ‘Make Me Feel’ – Bruised Skies & Frenchfire
2. ‘Whirlpool’ feat. Violet Skies – Stumbleine (Sorrow Remix)
3. ‘Silk’ – Thrupence
4. ‘I’ve Been Secretly Falling Apart’ – Owsey, Jenalism & Resotone
5. ‘Return To Air’ – Bonobo
6. ‘Pick Me Up’ – Låpsley (Babel Remix)
7. ‘In Silence’ – Octave Minds
8. ‘Mafish Keddah’ feat. Basim Alansar – Rosa Lux (Rempue Remix) DJ Svoger flip edit
9. ‘Subside’ – Galimatias & Sorrow
10. ‘Unfaith’ – Ekali
11. ‘Near Light’ – Ólafur Arnalds
12. ‘Endorphin’ – Burial (Cheney Weird Remix)
13. ‘Yellow’ – Fwdslxsh
14. ‘Walk’ – Ludovico Einaudi (Phaeleh Remix)
15. ‘Jag är din’ – Älskling


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