DJ Svoger – The Sound Of Sundays VII

SOS VIIWe’re back and this time around we turned the music down low. Welcome to our seventh release in the chilled Sound of Sundays series and for the newbies here on, our Sound of Sundays concept is simply a rare bouquet of mellow tracks, with a more chilled vibe than we usually create in our monthly mixtapes, but still loaded with handpicked tracks and quality grooves so great, that we think it deserves some love and attention from the friends of DJ Svoger – and as always, you guys only the deserves the best.

So here we go and why not stay in bed for another hour this morning, mess up the sheets with the music out loud as a start to a wonderful chilled sunday.

  1. Jessie Ware “What You Won’t Do For Love”
  2. Shura “Touch”
  3. Patrice “Smoke & Mirrors” (SG Lewis Remix)
  4. Moon Boots “Don’t Ask Why” feat. Kyiki
  5. Toni Braxton “He Wasn’t Man Enough” (Deepjack & Mr. Nu Remix)
  6. Aaliyah “Rock The Boat” (Shmallen Remix)
  7. D.S.F. “Clown”
  8. Horny “Baby Don’t Cry” (Depp Mariano Hypno Dub Mix)
  9. Lane 8 “How I Feel”
  10. Frenchfire “Whowillluvu” (Vidis Remix)
  11. Robin Thicke “Magic” (NDYD Exclusive) feat. Prizm
  12. Hippie Sabotage “Stay High” (Tove Lo Flip)
  13. Hooverphonic “Amalfi” (Jetlag Remix)
  14. Addal “Waves” feat. Neenah
  15. Sohn “The Wheel (Luvian Remix)


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